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Working Holiday Visa for Japan

Japan offers a Working Holiday to Australians aged 18-30. The initial duration is 6 months can be extended twice while in Japan, allowing for a total stay of up to 18 months. 

To start the application process, visit the Japanese Embassy website for your state. This is the Melbourne Embassy so Victorians and South Australians can apply through here:

The requirements are numbered 1-8 as shown below.

1 –Passport  
Pretty simple just check your expiry date. 

2 – Visa Application Form
Download the form and fill in. It asks for details of a guarantor. This was not required when I applied.

3- Resume
Pretty straightforward. I don’t think it needs to go to in-depth with specific job duties so a basic job and education history will work. 

4- Outline of planned activities
See example of my form.

5 – Purpose of visit letter 
See my example below. I had to resubmit mine as I made the mistake of saying I had a full-time job which is not allowed on a Work Holiday Visa. 

Revised Purpose of Visit – November 24th 2017 – May 16th 2018.

I did not realise the limitations of the working holiday visa would not allow me to work for the whole season in Hakuba. I was offered a job for the duration of the season but I have declined the job offer as it is not appropriate for the length of my stay. I would like to resubmit my application without the job offer as I now would like to try to find casual work so I can better experience Japan & the culture, food, history & nature.

I have heard that the Japanese people very kind, polite & welcoming. I am excited to experience how the culture differs from Australia & from the other countries I have visited so far. I am interest- ed in the Japanese language as I have never visited a country with a non Latin Alphabet. I think it will be interesting & challenging to navigate Japan without any Japanese language skills but I have been looking up some basic phrases to help me. I hope I will pick up a lot during my 6 month stay.

I really love to snowboard so visiting the mountains and experiencing the famous Japanese Ski resorts and snowfall. I hope I will be to snowboard at a good number of different resorts and explore the ski villages.

I am very lucky to have a few friends in Japan already as well as some more visiting. I will spend time with them travelling around and this will be the best time to enjoy Japanese restaurants & nightlife. I very much look forward to seeing the Sakura. I love natural beauty so seeing these amazing trees in full bloom will surely be a highlight. I also am keen to visit Okinawa & experience Island life in Japan.

I hope to find casual employment to supplement my savings. I would like to work in either Hakuba, Myoko or Nozawa for approx 2 months and for around 1 month in Okinawa.

Nov 24th – 
I will fly into Tokyo & spend 2 weeks exploring the city and surrounds. I would like to visit Mt Fuji, the Samurai Museum, Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, Tokyo Skytree & Fuji Q High- land Amusement Park.

December 10th – I will fly to Sapporo & spend a 1 1/2 weeks exploring the city. Sights I would like to see include the Sapporo Beer Museum, Hokkaido Jingu, Odori Park, Fushimi Inari Shrine, Mo- erenuma Park & the Historical Village of Hokkaido. I would like to hire a car to be able to get out of the city to see some of the nature of Hokkaido.

December 20th – I would like to visit Niseko late December as I have 2 friends who will be there. I will spend Christmas & New Years in Niseko. I would love to snowboard & hopefully experience the Japanese powder.

January 3rd – Early January I will travel to Kyoto and spend about a week exploring the city see- ing shrines, temples, castles & gardens such as Fushimi Inari-taisha, Nijō Castle, Arashiyama, Kinkaku-ji.

Jan 10th – Next I would like to visit a few different ski towns & see which I like best & look for ca- sual work. I would like to see Nozowa, Myoko & Hakuba & make a decision on where to spend the late January, February and early March.

6 – Proof of transport funds
If you have flights booked print a copy of your booking confirmation to submit. 

7 – Proof of funds for initial stay
Ideally you will have sufficient funds yourself but if not if you can borrow money from friends or family, generate a statement and then transfer back. 

8 -Copy of work contract/offer
A lot of people will have a job lined up when applying for the visa. I would advise not to mention this as you are only allowed part time work in Japan so they might deny your application if you intend to work full time. Once you have the Visa there is no limit on the amount you can actually work though. My application got rejected initially due to a full time job offer and return flights showing I would be working majority of my stay. Luckily I was able to resubmit my application and it was accepted.

Good luck with your Visa Application and enjoy your time in Japan!

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