Whalers Way Photography

Save Whalers Way - Take Action to stop the rocket launch facility

Whalers Way Photography

Here is a collection of my favourite photos from my day spent at Whalers Way. Driving through the reserve, I was struck by the sheer beauty of the rugged coastline that stretched out before me. The ocean sparkled in the sunlight, and the waves crashed against the cliffs, sending plumes of spray into the air.

Whalers Way is as dangerous as it is beautiful and the waves crashing against the rocks are a constant reminder that nature shouldn’t be messed with. Many people have been swept off the rocks here when freak waves far exceed the normal crash zone and reach people who think they are safe.

As I made my way along the coastal trail, I came across a colony of Australian sea lions basking on a secluded beach. Seeing these graceful creatures lounging in the sun was truly breathtaking, and I stood in awe as they playfully chased each other through the surf.

The geology and rock formations are impressive too and a reminder of the millions of years that this landscape has taken to form.

Flying A Drone At Whalers Way

I did fly my drone here but I nearly lost it due to very windy conditions. I would recommend being very careful and do not fly if you see any birds around. They are very sensitive and drones can disturb them and stop their breeding. It does seem a bit ridiculous to advise this when there is a rocket launch site here but I am very opposed to such a delicate ecosystem being disturbed by rocket launches. Learn about what you can do to help save the wildlife at whalers way.

Rockpools At Whalers Way

The rockpools at Whalers Way are very popular spots to take photos and you may have seen gorgeous photos with travel influencers floating in crystal-clear blue water. Due to the freak waves that can hit the coast unexpectedly, getting to these places is extremely dangerous and I do not advise doing so. Posting photos and encouraging others to do the same is putting other people’s lives at risk and is very irresponsible.

Plan Your Visit To Whalers Way

Whalers Way is truly a magnificent place to visit when on the Eyre Peninsula. Read our guide to plan your trip to Whalers Way.

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