Hakuba Vegan Restaurants

I spent two winter seasons in Hakuba and found Japan to be the most difficult country to eat vegan that I have visited so far. Fish stock is used in the majority of Japanese dishes and there is not a big understanding of the concept of veganism. However, there are some awesome restaurants in Hakuba that are paving the way for ethical eating and living in Japan.

This is a full list of all the restaurants with vegan options in the Hakuba Valley. I have dined at most myself but some have been recommended to me and but not confirmed. If any information is outdated please let me know any changes I can make. I am not in Hakuba for the 19/20 season but would love to keep this up to date. 

Confirmed vegan options.

Bears Cafe – Echoland

THE BEST place for vegan eats in Hakuba!
Vegan breakfast, pizza, burgers and soy karaage, fries etc. 
Vegan brownies, muffins and other desserts. 

Taco Taco – Echoland

Mexican restaurant with lots of vegan options. Avocado salad is very good value. Can add tortilla wraps and rice more a more substantial meal. 

Mr Miyagi’s – Echoland

Offer a vegan taco rice dish.

Spice Lab Delivery Layout of dishes

Spice Lab Delivery – Hakuba Delivery

Spice Lab Delivery and pick up has heaps of amazing vegan options! Pretty much most of the menu! ? All made in house fresh! Perfect for sharing with a group. Hummus dip, spicy carrot dip, smoky eggplant and roast garlic dip, flat bread with Zaataar, curried lentil tomato and coconut soup, creamy pumpkin soup, Persian marinated green olives with walnuts, pomegranate and chili, house marinated pickles, Israeli falafel with tahini and lemon, buckwheat tabbouleh, brown lentil fatoush, spicy tomato harissa with chickpea, potato and spinach.
They also have butter cous cous with spiced pumpkin and tea soaked raisins that can be done without the butter to make it vegan if pre-ordered.

The Lab – Echoland

Has a vegan option for guests and the public.
“We are open to the public & want to encourage more Hakuba crew to enjoy our bar & dining room. We serve dinner at 7pm & I need bookings by 6pm. Bar opens 4pm…. I have been Vegan or Vego for 30 years & cook vegan options for my own sanity [& my dinner] in this meat-filled world; I take utmost care with keeping separation of the two styles of food, and, whilst not using vegan cheese, I make my own vegan pickles & kimchi to supplement & add flavour & value.” – Mark @ The Lab

Ramen, Gyoza, Beer – Echoland

Can make a vegan ramen on request with rice instead of noodles.

Thaifoon – Happo Town

Thai restaurant with a few options clearly marked vegan.

Vegan food truck – Happo Town

Vegan food truck parked in Hakuba until end of Feb 2020. Can be found near the Yamagami restaurant.
Menu may vary but options include:
Curry risotto 
Falafel salad wrap 
Mushroom and vegetable sandwich 
Potato galette

Hakuba Springs Hotel – Happo Town

Vegan ramen + Japanese dishes. 

Recovery Bar – Happo Town

Mushroom burger, veggie tacos, veggie pasta. 

Hakuba Hanten – Happo Town

Chinese – Full vegan menu

Sanpachi Shoten – Happo Town

New cafe new Lawsons with a vegan plate on offer for ¥1100.

Maeda – Happo Town

Vegan options include soba and udon noodles.

Asuka Izakaya – Happo Town

Offer a vegan soy meat keema curry and have a separate vegetarian menu.

Hakuba Tap Room – Happo Town

Vegan chilli, edamame and spicy fries on menu.

Morino pizza – Wadano

Pizza can be made vegan without cheese. 

Penke panke – Wadano

Updated vegan options  December 2019
-karaage tofu with sweet soy glaze
-corn ribs with creole seasoning
-korean fried cauliflower with red dragon sauce
– tofu stir fry
-caramelised miso and negi tarts with garlic shrooms

3301 – Wadano

Vegan bowls, cereal bowls, smoothies. 

Zou – Near Hakuba Station

Poke bowls. 
New in 2019/2020 Season:
Full vegan tofu scramble breakfast and a vegetarian breakfast plus açaí bowls. 

vegan breakfast at zou hakuba

Indy Momo – Mizuho

Indian restaurant with vegan curries, pakoras and naan. Ask for vegan options.

Hakuba Pizza – Mizuho

Base is dairy and egg free at Hakuba Pizza. They also have vegan cheese available from 2019/2020 season. 

Rabbit Hole – Wadano

Menu says to ask staff for vegan options. I had a quinoa salad bowl.

Electrique – Wadano

2019/2020 Season Vegan Menu:
-Magic satay (mushroom peanut satay bahn mi)
-Tony’s tempura tofu (crispy tofu with aioli abd okonomiyaki sauce)
-Walnut and mushroom meatball crepe
-Poutine and Veggie poutine
-Chocolate mousse

Roots Cafe – Happo , Kokusai Chair

Fully vegetarian cafe. Mostly vegan except for milk in coffee. Epic vegan brownies. Part of the Evergreen Ski School.

Alps360 – On mountain Goryu 

Vegan curry

Pizzakaya – Goryu

Vegan cheese for pizza.

SOL – Escal Plaza, Goyru Base

Newly opened organic & vegetarian cafe in Escal Plaza.
Offers burgers, bagels, pizza, Japanese style plates, vegan sweets and great coffee.

Fushya – Goryu

Has a vegan Japanese nabe (hotpot) with a veggie soup base.

Skyark Cafe & Restaurant – On mountain at Iwatake

Vegan Bean Curry

Hakuba Brew Pub – Iwatake

Good vegan options and huge beer selection. Wedges are awesome!

Yeti Restaurant – On mountain at Tsugaike

2 types of vegan pizza. One is a soy cream cheese salad pizza which is incredibly delicious.

Cowbell – Tsugaike 

Vegan lemon ramen. Nice flavour but a bit disappointing that is is the same price as the other ramen dishes but is a lot smaller in size.

Outside of Hakuba

Nozawa Onsen – Gochisou Pizza
This is a little out of the way from Hakuba but if you are visiting other resorts then Nozawa is amazing especially for the fire festival. If you head there check out Gochisou Pizza. They are making their own vegan cheese this year!

Possible Options – Call ahead to confirm.

Gravity Worx – Near Hakuba Station
Will apparently cook vegan on request. 

Gohan Bar – Near Hakuba Station
Vegan tomato rice dish

B.O.S – Echoland
Vegan Yakisoba

Sarugaku – Echoland
Izakaya. Vegan on request. 

Please contact me to update any new information.