Vegan Banh Mi Adelaide

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Where To Find Vegan Bahn Mi in Adelaide – List & Map!

Adelaide is full of delicious vegan Banh Mi spots! From classic Vietnamese sandwiches to inventive creations using mock meat, we have the ultimate list of eateries that serve up tasty vegan-friendly Banh Mi. Browse this guide and find the perfect spot to try this traditional Vietnamese dish!

What Is A Banh Mi?

A banh mi is a sandwich that originated in Vietnam and typically includes a baguette filled with various savoury ingredients. In a vegan version, the sandwich is made without meat or animal products and may include tofu, mock meat, or seitan as the protein source. Other common fillings include pickled vegetables, fresh herbs, and a variety of sauces, such as sriracha, hoisin, or soy sauce.

Its origins can be traced back to French colonialism in Vietnam during the 19th century. French colonizers introduced the baguette to Vietnam, and it quickly became a popular staple. The Vietnamese people eventually made the baguette their own by incorporating local ingredients and flavours such as pâté, pickled vegetables, and herbs, and the banh mi sandwich was born. The term “banh mi” actually refers to the bread itself, which is a Vietnamese take on the classic French baguette.

Why Are Banh Mi Sandwiches SO GOOD?!

Banh mi is a popular Vietnamese sandwich that is widely loved for its delicious and unique flavour. Here are a few reasons why banh mi is so good:

  1. Combination of flavours: Banh mi typically combines a variety of flavours, such as salty, sour, sweet, and spicy, in one bite. The filling, which can be anything from tofu to lemongrass chicken or BBQ pork, is usually complemented by pickled vegetables, fresh herbs, and a variety of sauces, creating a complex and satisfying flavour profile.
  2. Texture: Banh mi is a sandwich with a crispy baguette on the outside and a soft filling on the inside, which provides a great contrast in texture. Additionally, the pickled vegetables add a nice crunch to the sandwich, making it a delightful combination of textures.
  3. Versatility: Banh mi can be made with a variety of fillings, making it a versatile dish. Whether you are a mock meat lover or like to stick to tofu or veggies there is a banh mi for everyone.
  4. Convenience: Banh mi is a quick and easy meal that can be eaten on the go. It’s a perfect choice for those who want a filling and flavorful meal without having to sit down at a restaurant.
  5. Price: Generally banh mi is a very cost-effective meal making it a cheap and filling lunch with a good amount of protein.
vegan bahn mi adelaide

Where To Find Vegan Banh Mi In Adelaide

This list contains restaurants that have been recommended by other vegans as having vegan options. Unfortunately, this is no guarantee they will always be fully vegan. Please do your due diligence and check when ordering that all the ingredients are vegan.

  • BaMi – Blackwood
  • BaMi – Christies Beach
  • BaMi – Daw Park
  • BaMi – Gilles Plains
  • BaMi Hollywood Plaza – Salisbury Downs
  • BaMi Mitcham – Torrens Park
  • BaMi – Seaford
  • BaMi – Southgate – Morphett Vale
  • Bamboo Vietnamese Restaurant – Redwood Park
  • Bite Mi Vietnamese Street Food – Unley
  • Cafe Thu Ngan – Woodville Gardens
  • DC ROLL & BOWL – Welland
  • Fresh Bites – Adelaide
  • Gawler South Bakery – Gawler South
  • Hoang Vietnamese Meat Rolls – Royal Park
  • Ingle Farm Bakery – Ingle Farm
  • Infusion Asian Eatery – Seaton
  • Joy of Flora Cafe (JOF Cafe) – West Croydon
  • Lemon Grass – Prospect
  • Linh Vietnamese Fastfood – Penfield
  • Mai’s Lunch Bar – Hindmarsh
  • Miss Banh Mi – North Brighton
  • Miss Hoi An Vietnamese Eatery – Felixstow
  • Miss Mai – Gawler Place Adelaide
  • Miss Mai – Pirie St Adelaide
  • Miss Maria Rolls – Black Forest
  • Mr Viet – Adelaide
  • NNQ Express – Cheltenham
  • NNQ Express – Henley Beach
  • Nhu Lan On Hanson – Woodville Gardens
  • Pit Stop Cafe – Torrensville
  • Pitt Street Cafe – Adelaide
  • Real Rolls – Woodville North
  • Roll’d – Royal Adelaide Hospital, Westlakes, Marion, Burnside
  • Rolls on The Run Banh Mi – Munno Para
  • Rollsfinity Express Vietnamese Food – Salisbury Plain
  • Saigon Vietnamese Meat Rolls – Frewville
  • Saigon Vietnamese Rolls – Toorak Gardens
  • Sit Lo – Adelaide
  • Taste Banh Mi – Aldinga
  • Tay Do – Adelaide
  • TD Rolls – Woodville Gardens
  • TMR Bistro – Adelaide
  • Veggie Vie Cafe – Adelaide
  • Viet Menu – Adelaide
  • Viet Menu – Noarlunga Centre
  • Viet Shack – Unley Park
  • Vietloca – Adelaide
  • Vietngon – Cowandilla

Updates From Restaurants

Soonta were included on the original list but have been removed.
“Hi Alice, Thanks for reaching out. Our bread rolls aren’t vegan, however, we have some filling options that are vegan. For more information, visit:

Second update from Soonta: “Hello Alice, We apologise; Vegetarian is stated on our website. But, a vegan version of our banh mi is available. Just the spreads, which are egg aioli and contain egg, aren’t vegan; the bread rolls themselves are all vegan. Banh mi variations for vegans include bread rolls made exclusively with carrot, cucumber, coriander, spring onions, and soy sauce with tofu and mushrooms instead of egg aioli. We hope that clarifies everything.”

With two conflicting pieces of information, I can’t really recommend them. I have asked for an ingredient list for the bread rolls which they have not provided.

How To Order Vegan Banh Mi

Vietnamese food is one of the most vegan-friendly cuisines but when ordering from restaurants that also serve meat, dairy and eggs it doesn’t hurt to be cautious. Plenty on this list will have vegan options clearly marked and completely understand the vegan diet means strictly no animal products.

When you are ordering banh mi some things to watch out for are the butter on the bread roll and egg mayonnaise dressing. Ask if these items are vegan alternatives or if they can be removed. I love my banh mi with chilli sauce but you can avoid it if you don’t like spice.

Bread: The baguette-style bread used for banh mi *should* generally be vegan but we all know how milk end ups in EVERYTHING. Double-check with the staff when ordering.

Butter or pate spread: Butter or pate can be used as a spread on the bread. Ask for no pate and if there is a vegan spread option.

Dressing: Sometimes mayonnaise can be used which may contain egg. Ask if these items are vegan alternatives or if they can be removed. I love my banh mi with chilli sauce but you can avoid it if you don’t like spice.

Filling: Tofu and mock meat should be ok but check with the restaurant for any flavourings that may contain animal products.

Salads: Banh Mi sandwiches typically have sliced cucumber, pickled carrots and daikon radish, coriander, and jalapeño peppers. You can add or remove any vegetables based on your preferences.

Conclusion: Vegan Banh Mi Adelaide

Adelaide’s food scene offers a great variety of vegan options, and vegan banh mi is no exception. With its fusion of French and Vietnamese influences, this sandwich has been a popular street food option around the world. In Adelaide, there are many restaurants and cafes that offer vegan banh mi, with a range of fillings and sauces to suit every taste. Whether you’re a seasoned vegan or just looking to try something new, Adelaide’s vegan banh mi options are definitely worth exploring. So next time you’re in the city, be sure to stop by one of these locations and try out this tasty and satisfying sandwich for yourself.

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