28 Awesome Things To Do In Port Lincoln Australia 2023

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Embrace the Beauty of Port Lincoln: Must-Visit Attractions

Port Lincoln, a stunning coastal city on the Eyre Peninsula, is a gateway to diverse natural beauty and engaging outdoor activities. From exploring national parks to indulging in creative arts, there are plenty of exciting and wholesome experiences waiting to be discovered. Let’s explore 28 must-visit spots in Port Lincoln.

28 Best Things To Do In Port Lincoln

1. Wildlife and Sightseeing Full-Day 4WD Tour

Wanna Lookout - Port Lincoln National Park

Looking for a comprehensive experience of Port Lincoln that goes beyond the typical tourist path? This full-day 4WD tour offered by Tour South is not to be missed. An 8-hour immersive adventure, this tour promises a blend of wildlife spotting, thrill-packed dune riding, and a taste of local cuisine — dietary needs can be catered to. Your guide, fluent in both English and Chinese, takes you on an odyssey that starts with a panoramic view of Port Lincoln and Boston Bay from Winter Hill Lookout.

As you delve into Lincoln National Park, keep your camera ready for emus, kangaroos, and blue-tongued lizards. The tour also takes you to the spectacular Wanna sand dunes for some off-roading fun before stopping for lunch. The latter half of the tour typically includes Whalers Way, where you can marvel at the scenic cliffs, caves, and even spot some long-nosed fur seals.

Pick-up and drop-off from your accommodation, all national park fees, and a seafood-free lunch are included in the price, making it a hassle-free day out. If you’re visiting Port Lincoln, this tour offers an excellent way to get acquainted with the region’s natural beauty and wildlife.

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2. Explore Whalers Way

Whalers Way Coastline
Whalers Way Coastline

If raw, untamed beauty speaks to your soul, then you absolutely must visit Whalers Way. This private conservation area epitomises a rugged Australian coastline, featuring dramatic cliffs, remarkable rock formations, and thunderous blowholes. Located at the tip of the Eyre Peninsula, the area offers a myriad of opportunities for photography and wildlife spotting. Don’t be surprised if you encounter long-nosed fur seals, a variety of sea birds, or even a kangaroo hopping along the terrain.

To access Whalers Way, you’ll need to obtain a key and pay a small fee, as it is privately owned land. Make sure to check with the local visitor information centre for the most up-to-date details on accessibility and opening hours. Due to its exclusivity, the views you’ll encounter here can arguably outmatch those found in public parks, making it a must-see during your time in Port Lincoln.

Curious to know more? Check out a more detailed account of what makes Whalers Way an absolute must-visit in this comprehensive blog post.

3. Scuba Dive – Underwater Magic

Embark on a unique underwater adventure in Coffin Bay. Guided dives are available for both certified and non-certified divers, ensuring that even beginners can explore the aquatic wonders of the area.

The experience lasts approximately 3 hours and includes the use of all necessary scuba equipment. Small group sizes and expert instructors guarantee a tailored diving experience.

You could encounter a variety of marine life during your dive, including seahorses, octopus, and rays. The adventure starts and ends at the Coffin Bay Pharmacy Depot, and participants are expected to have a moderate level of physical fitness.

For more details, read about the Discover Scuba Diving in Coffin Bay Try-Dive Experience.

4. Electric Bike

Discover Port Lincoln and the Eyre Peninsula in a unique way—on an electric mountain bike. Offering half-day or full-day rentals, these electric bikes come equipped with rugged tyres and long-range capabilities, making them perfect for both city exploration and trail riding in the surrounding national parks. The package includes helmets, bike locks, and safety lights, so you can focus purely on the adventure ahead.

Whether you’re cruising up steep hills, venturing along coastal paths, or exploring natural reserves, these e-bikes make it effortless. Feel the freedom as you cover more ground with less effort, easily navigating everything from city landscapes to off-road trails. The bikes can be picked up from the Australian Coastal Safaris Headquarters in Port Lincoln, and expert staff are on hand to provide recommendations for the best spots to visit.

This experience requires good weather and a moderate level of physical fitness. This is a wonderful way to see the town allowing you to see a lot in a short time!

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Electric Mountain Bike Adventure in Port Lincoln

Coffin Bay National Park - Beach

5. Coffin Bay Off-Road Tour

Explore one of South Australia’s premier natural attractions, Coffin Bay National Park, with a 4WD Jeep tour that offers a blend of adrenaline, wildlife, and natural beauty. Traverse soft sandy beaches, limestone cliffs, and come face-to-face with local wildlife including kangaroos and emus.

Begin your journey with a convenient hotel pickup from Port Lincoln and enjoy the scenic 30-minute drive to Coffin Bay. Once there, the adventure starts in earnest as you go off-road to explore the park’s pristine beaches and dramatic cliffs. Keep an eye out for the local wildlife as you navigate the park, and get your adrenaline pumping with a drive down the sand dunes at Gunyah Beach—an untouched paradise that’s hard to reach by regular vehicles.

This 4-hour tour is conducted in small groups, limited to 6 participants, ensuring a personalized experience. It includes a live tour guide proficient in English and Chinese, hotel pick-up and drop-off, national park fees, light snacks, and beverages.

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6. Port Lincoln National Park

Located on South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula, Port Lincoln National Park is a paradise for nature lovers, boasting an incredible coastline, abundant wildlife, and a range of activities. Whether you’re into hiking, fishing, or 4WD adventures, this park offers something for everyone.

Sleaford to Wanna 4WD Track: Drive through massive sand dunes and limestone cliffs for an exhilarating 4WD experience. Keep an eye out for sea eagles, fur seals, and possibly even sharks. Enjoy beach picnics or fishing at spots like Millers Hole and the Salmon Hole.

Stamford Hill Hike: Take on this short but steep 2.7km hike for breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding bays and Port Lincoln. The Flinders Monument at the top commemorates explorer Matthew Flinders.

September Beach: Ideal for dolphin spotting and enjoying the local fauna, this beach offers picnic shelters and even glamping sites. Emus and kangaroos often wander about here.

Wanna Lookout & Wedding Cake Island: This viewpoint of this wedding cake-looking island is magnificent and a must-see in the Port Lincoln National Park.

Memory Cove Wilderness Protection Area: A secluded bay limited to 15 vehicles a day, accessible with a key from the Visitor Centre. Ideal for unique camping experiences and southern right whale watching in winter.

Port Lincoln National Park -
Stamford Hill Hike – Port Lincoln National Park

Additional Tips

  • Vehicle Entry: $13.00
  • Accommodation: Starts at $21.00 per night for campsites.

So whether it’s an adrenaline-filled day of sand dune driving or a peaceful afternoon at a secluded beach, Port Lincoln National Park offers a multitude of experiences in the heart of South Australia’s natural beauty.

7. Coffin Bay National Park

Almonta beach - Coffin Bay National Park
Almonta beach – Coffin Bay National Park

From the moment I set foot in Coffin Bay National Park, I was utterly blown away. Located on South Australia’s scenic Eyre Peninsula, this park is the epitome of natural beauty, with its awe-inspiring sand dunes and rugged coastline. But what steals the show is undoubtedly Almonta Beach; its bright white sands and turquoise waters make it, in my opinion, the best beach I’ve ever seen!

Yangie Bay: A tranquil locale excellent for bird-watching and gentle hiking. Family-friendly picnic spots are available for a day out in nature.

Golden Island Lookout: Just a short hike away, this lookout offers panoramic views over Coffin Bay and Kellidie Bay. It’s an essential stop for anyone interested in landscape photography or simply soaking in the view.

Templetonia Lookout: Accessible by 2WD, this elevated point offers striking vistas of the coastline and the park’s unique vegetation.

Almonta Beach: The crown jewel of the park, with its pristine white sands and turquoise waters, perfect for swimming if the weather is warm enough! The area is also home to goannas and hooded plovers.

Additional Tips

  • Vehicle Entry: $13.00
  • Accommodation: Starts at $21.00 per night for campsites.
  • Accessibility: While Almonta Beach and as far as Yangie Bay are accessible by 2WD, much of the park is best explored with a 4WD.

Whether you’re drawn by the incredible sand dunes, the vibrant marine life or the breathtaking coastal views, Coffin Bay National Park is a destination that offers a unique blend of natural wonders.

8. Sandboarding

Sandboarding - Things To Do In Port Lincoln

I had an absolute blast sandboarding around Port Lincoln, and I can’t recommend it enough. Xtreme Sandboarding offers board hire starting from $50 for 4 hours, so it’s an affordable adventure.

The Port Lincoln area is home to some of South Australia’s most magnificent sand dunes, including Wanna Sandhills, Curta Rocks Lookout, and Stamford Hill. Each offers its own unique views and challenges.

A tip from my own experience: the sand can get really hot, especially in summer, so it’s best to hit the dunes in the cooler parts of the day or during milder weather.

Port Lincoln Sand Dunes

9. Sand Dune Sunset Tour

The Lincoln National Park Sunset Sand Dunes Tour offers a thrilling 3.5-hour adventure right from Port Lincoln. Participants are picked up from their accommodation and whisked away in a modified off-road vehicle to explore the natural beauty of Lincoln National Park.

The tour includes stops at stunning viewpoints, such as Stanford Beach, and culminates at Wanna Sand Dunes for an unforgettable sunset. As the sun dips below the horizon, its glow casts an otherworldly light on the windswept dunes, making for an incredible photo opportunity.

Beyond the landscapes, the tour promises encounters with the diverse local wildlife. From lizards and echidnas to an impressive variety of birds, nature enthusiasts will have plenty to look out for. With limited participants (up to 6), the tour ensures a more intimate and personalised experience. Light snacks, tea, and coffee are also provided, making it a well-rounded adventure for those looking to explore the natural wonders near Port Lincoln.

Find out more and book

10. Why I Don’t Recommend Shark Cage Diving

When talking about things to do in Port Lincoln, it’s almost impossible not to mention shark cage diving. Port Lincoln has gained a reputation as a global leader in sustainable cage-diving practices and is the only place in Australia where you can come face-to-face with a great white shark in this manner. But despite its popularity, I can’t personally recommend this activity for several reasons:

The practice of shark cage diving is a topic that deeply divides the community living along the Eyre Peninsula’s rugged coastline. Tour operators, abalone divers, and surfers have differing views about what cage diving means for their community. This division stems not only from ethical concerns but also from practical implications affecting the livelihood and safety of those who live and work near the waters.

Environmental Impact

While some argue that shark cage diving helps alter people’s perceptions of great white sharks, the activity does have a dark side. The practice of berleying and baiting bloody tuna to attract sharks toward the tour boats is particularly contentious. The abalone industry, a significant part of the local economy, has been a fierce critic of these methods. They argue that it’s better to let the white sharks be and not to interact with them in ways that could alter their natural behaviour.

Safety Concerns

A significant concern among divers and surfers is that cage-diving brings more sharks into the area and teaches them to associate people with food. Although a recent study suggested that the shark residency in the area plateaued after limits were placed on the activity, critics argue that even a slight increase in shark presence could endanger those who spend a lot of time in the water. Sharks associate boats and humans with food which increases the risk for people in the water like surfers and abalone divers.

Ethical Questions

The potential for sharks to associate people with food is not only a safety concern but also an ethical dilemma. Do we have the right to alter a wild animal’s natural behaviour for the sake of tourism? This question becomes even more pertinent when considering that sharks play a critical role in the marine ecosystem.

While shark cage diving can be a thrilling experience, it’s crucial to weigh the benefits against the environmental, ethical, and community impacts. For these reasons, I would recommend exploring the many other beautiful aspects of Port Lincoln and the Eyre Peninsula instead.

11. Glen Forest

Glen Forest Tourist Park & Vineyard is a hidden gem located just a 15-minute drive from Port Lincoln, South Australia. Spread over a sprawling 400 acres, it is the epitome of leisure and natural beauty. The park boasts 80 acres of vineyard, growing wine varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Shiraz, Sauvignon Blanc, and Chardonnay, as well as an 18-hole mini-golf course and segway tours for a modern touch to your excursion.

A Variety of Activities (Minus the Animal Park)

While Glen Forest is often praised for its animal park, which covers 120 acres of the property, I would personally recommend skipping this section if you’re concerned about the ethics of animals in captivity for human enjoyment. The park also has an array of other activities that are fun, ethical, and family-friendly.

Port Lincoln Segway Tours

Glide through the vineyard on a segway, exploring the stunning scenery and learning about the intricate process of winemaking. These tours are educational, interactive, and provide numerous opportunities for capturing memorable photos.

Putt Putt for All Ages

The 18-hole mini-golf course is not just child’s play; it’s perfect for all age groups. Situated next to an undercover BBQ area, you can follow up your game with a delicious meal. The casual atmosphere allows you to relax while the younger members of your party can enjoy other activities available on-site.

Lincoln Estate Wines

Wine aficionados can indulge in a $10 wine tasting featuring an array of Glen Forest’s finest, such as Greenlip Cabernet Sauvignon, Blacklip Shiraz, and Sashimi Sauvignon Blanc. These tastings are a great way to get familiar with the estate’s offerings and can be an educational experience as well.

12. Swim With Sealions

Swimming with sea lions is an activity I’m a personally unsure of. Similar to shark diving there is an element of disturbing wildlife in their natural habitat. As there is no feeding of the sealions I don’t find it nearly as disruptive as swimming with sharks. The same company who runs the shark diving also takes people for sealion adventures which makes me more uncomfortable with the animal exploitation for profit.

13. Visit A Brewery

Jump Ship Brewing

Jump Ship Brewing is more than just a brewery; it’s a lively hub for socialising and enjoying great food and drinks in Port Lincoln. Stepping inside, you’ll be amazed at how the industrial façade gives way to a joyful, vibrant space filled with laughter and conversation.

Their range of freshly brewed beers is complemented by a delicious menu featuring tapas and tacos. Opt for a tasting experience, where you can explore a variety of brews while learning about the brewing process. The venue prides itself on celebrating the best of South Australia, offering an extensive selection of local wines and zero-alcohol options.

Tucked away in the streets of Port Lincoln, Jump Ship Brewing is an unmissable spot that invites you to stay for a pint or while away an entire afternoon.

Beer Garden Brewing

If you’re in Port Lincoln and want to experience sustainability at its best, look no further than Beer Garden Brewing. This fully functioning brewery exudes an awesome vibe, making it an ideal venue for functions, gigs, parties, or just casual catch-ups with your crew.

Located on the stunning Eyre Peninsula, Beer Garden Brewing has made a name for itself by incorporating local grains in all of its beers. But the local focus doesn’t end there; the brewery is also committed to sustainability, employing solar power, rainwater harvesting for brewing, and wastewater recycling. Plus, the spent grain from their beers goes on to feed cows, which later become part of their food offerings, closing the loop in a unique farm-to-table model.

With its commitment to quality and sustainability, Beer Garden Brewing offers more than just beer. It provides a complete experience that is in harmony with its environment.

Whether you’re a beer connoisseur or simply looking for a relaxed setting to enjoy good vibes and quality drinks, both Jump Ship Brewing and Beer Garden Brewing offer unique experiences that should not be missed on a visit to Port Lincoln.

14. Wineries

While Port Lincoln is not as historically entrenched in viticulture as some other Australian regions, its wineries exude passion and promise. They are boutique in nature, ensuring every bottle has a personal touch. The local vineyards primarily focus on cool-climate varieties, producing crisp whites and vibrant reds that reflect the maritime influence of the region.

Peter Teakle Wines
Nestled in the heart of its vineyards, Peter Teakle Wines is a standout establishment in Port Lincoln. Renowned for its estate wines, this winery has garnered attention from both locals and tourists alike.

Gardner’s Vineyard
Situated 10km north of Port Lincoln, Gardner’s Vineyard spans 65 acres and overlooks the Spencer Gulf. The vineyard provides a unique wine tasting experience, further enriched by the surrounding native fauna.

Boston Bay Wines
This winery offers a blend of fine wines and panoramic views of Boston Bay. It’s a place where you can indulge in the nuances of each vintage while enjoying the breathtaking coastal scenery.

15. Koppio Smithy Museum

Take a step back in time with a visit to the Koppio Smithy Museum. Nestled in the scenic Koppio Hills, this quaint museum is an incredible journey back in time that offers a comprehensive view into the Eyre Peninsula’s history.

Prepare to spend a minimum of 2 to 3 hours exploring the museum’s expansive range of exhibits, from the original Blacksmith shop built in 1905, to ‘Glenleigh,’ an enchanting thatch cottage dating back to 1890. The museum also features a one-teacher schoolhouse that was in operation from 1934 to 1970, a 1910 Port Lincoln tailor shop, the reportedly smallest Post Office in the State, and an assortment of sheds displaying everything from tractors to stationary engines.

Though located a bit off the main roads and accessible via a well-maintained but unsealed stretch, this hidden gem is well worth the effort.

Open from Tuesday to Sunday between 10 am and 4 pm, and it’s closed on Mondays. Entrance fees are quite reasonable, with adults at $10, pensioners and concessions at $8, and students at $4.

Whether you’re a history buff or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of times gone by, Koppio Smithy Museum offers an enriching and educational experience.

16. Axel Stenross Maritime Museum

Discover Port Lincoln’s maritime heritage through the lens of Axel Stenross. Axel was born in Finland in 1895 and as the son of a boat builder took to a life of a ship carpenter. He sailed into into Port Lincoln in 1927 and liked it so much he decided to stay. This museum is a treasure trove dedicated to the art of wooden boat building and the maritime industries that shaped Port Lincoln.

Walk through Axel Stenross’s original living quarters and workshops, which still feature a functional historic slipway. Admire an array of restored vessels and marine artefacts that capture the essence of Port Lincoln’s seafaring days. The museum is staffed by knowledgeable volunteers eager to share stories about the fishing and cargo-moving industries that have been the backbone of the region.

The museum’s interpretive displays guide your journey of discovery, while a selection of unique maritime-related videos and books are available for purchase. Ideal for both history enthusiasts and curious visitors, the Axel Stenross Maritime Museum offers a deeply personal look into the coastal culture of Port Lincoln.

17. Mikkira Station

Located just 30km southwest of Port Lincoln on the Fishery Bay Road, Mikkira Station offers a rare chance to witness a wild koala colony in their natural habitat on the Eyre Peninsula. The station is abundant with Manna Gum trees, the favourite food of these endearing marsupials, ensuring their continued presence in the area.

Beyond koala spotting, Mikkira provides a serene natural bushland setting ideal for picnics, bird-watching, and camping. In the late winter months, visitors might even be treated to a view of native orchids, especially around April near the Parsons Band. The grandeur of giant yakkas can also be experienced through a short walk.

If history piques your interest, the old Mikkira Homestead stands as a testament to the region’s past.

Although Mikkira welcomes visitors year-round, it remains closed from the 1st of November to the 1st of March due to high fire risks, with the exception of guided tour groups.

18. Xtreme Stand Up Paddleboarding in Port Lincoln

For those seeking an exhilarating water experience, stand up paddleboarding (SUP) with Xtreme Stand Up Paddleboarding offers the perfect opportunity. Ever dreamt of walking on water? SUP makes it almost a reality. Contrary to its intimidating appearance, SUP is quite accessible thanks to the stable design of the boards.

Xtreme provides lessons and tours led by qualified instructors, ensuring you grasp the right techniques while absorbing the breathtaking coastal scenery. It’s not uncommon to spot marine life such as stingrays, fish, jellyfish, crabs, and occasionally even dolphins and seals during these sessions.

19. Wanna to Sleaford 4WD Track

The Wanna to Sleaford 4WD track, located within Lincoln National Park near Port Lincoln, offers a diverse driving experience with a blend of sandy dunes, rocky terrains, and breathtaking coastal views. Highlights include the pristine beauty of Wanna’s coastlines, with lookouts that provide panoramic vistas of beaches, headlands, and distant islands. While the track is roughly 20km long and accessible to stock 4WDs, adjusting tyre pressures for sand and rocky sections is crucial. With various points of interest like Miller’s Hole and Salmon Hole, this track is a standout destination for adventurers and nature enthusiasts alike.

Sand Dunes Port Lincoln

20. Electric Boat Marina Cruise

Port Lincoln Marina

Experience the serenity and splendour of Lincoln Cove Marina aboard Port Lincoln’s eco-friendly electric boat, ‘Tesla’. This 1.5-hour cruise offers a tranquil journey through Australia’s largest commercial fishing fleet and the luxurious homes that make up the millionaire’s paradise. With Fred at the helm, boasting four decades in Australia’s fishing sector, guests will receive an insider’s perspective on the tumultuous and triumphant history of Port Lincoln’s renowned Southern Bluefin Tuna industry. The stories of challenges, setbacks, and eventual success paint a vivid picture of this evolving trade.

Cruise Details:

  • Time: Daily at 2pm (morning tours available upon request)
  • Pick-up: Marina Hotel Pontoon. Be ready for the electric boat’s arrival at 2pm.
  • Duration: 1.5 hours
  • Weather: Operates in all conditions.
  • Capacity: Maximum of 10 passengers.

Come rain or shine, embark on this intimate journey and delve deep into the heart of Port Lincoln’s maritime heritage.

Free Things To Do In Port Lincoln

21. Greenly Beach

Greenly Beach - Eyre Peninsula

The rockpools at Greenly Beach are the perfect spot for a refreshing dip, especially on those hot summer days. Protected from the powerful ocean waves, they provide a calm and sheltered environment for swimming. As you wade through, you might even spot marine life such as small fish, crabs, or starfish.

The drive to Greenly Beach from Port Lincoln is just under an hour but it is well worth the drive. I recommend driving all the way to the end of Coles Point Road for a stunning view looking back at the bay.

22. Fishery Bay

Fishery Bay Stairs
Fishery Bay - Things To Do In Port Lincoln

Just a short drive from Port Lincoln, Fishery Bay is a haven for surfers and beachgoers alike. This picturesque bay offers impressive waves, making it popular among the local surf community. But even if you’re not surfing, the beautiful sandy shores invite you for a leisurely walk or simply to relax and soak up the sun. There’s a set of stairs that lead down to the beach, offering a breathtaking panoramic view of the bay and the powerful waves crashing against the rocks. The serene atmosphere combined with the rhythmic sound of the waves makes Fishery Bay a relaxing escape from the bustle.

23. Winter Hill Lookout

Free Things To Do In Port Lincoln - Winter Hill Lookout

Perched above Port Lincoln, Winter Hill Lookout offers panoramic views of the city and its stunning coastal surroundings. The lookout is easily accessible by car, and once there, a series of platforms allow you to get the best vantage points. Whether you’re catching the sunrise, sunset, or just want to see the city from a bird’s-eye view, Winter Hill Lookout is a must-visit. The gentle breeze, combined with the breathtaking scenery, makes for a perfect photo opportunity.

24. Explore The Foreshore

The Port Lincoln foreshore is the heart of the town’s coastal charm. Take a leisurely stroll along the shoreline, with the gentle waves lapping at your feet. The path is lined with lush greenery, children’s playgrounds, and picnic spots, making it a popular spot for both locals and visitors. Benches dot the path, perfect for sitting down and gazing out into the vast blue horizon. Whether you’re jogging, cycling, or just wandering, the foreshore is a refreshing way to experience the beauty of Port Lincoln.

25. Parnkalla Walking Trail

Discover the beauty of Port Lincoln’s coastline with the Parnkalla Walking Trail. This 35km trail stretches along the coast and offers a mix of terrains, from sandy beaches to rugged cliffs. As you walk, you’ll be treated to stunning sea views, picturesque bays, and the chance to spot local wildlife. Information boards along the way provide insight into the area’s indigenous history, flora, and fauna.

26. Sleaford Bay

Sleaford Bay is a rugged and wild slice of coast located a 20 minute drive from Port Lincoln. Also known as Wreck Beach or Mary Ellis Wreck Beach, boasts a mix of natural beauty and historical significance. This bay is the final resting place of the Mary Ellis, which met its fate in April 1907. The ship was caught in a gale during its voyage from Port Adelaide to Venus Bay, resulting in it being embedded in three feet of sand.

There are a couple of lookouts and bays here to checkout including the Lone Pine Lookout, Lolo Beach and The Mine.

Lone Pine Lookout

27. Art Gallery

Dive into the local art scene with a visit to Port Lincoln’s art gallery. Showcasing works from local artists, the gallery is a hub of creativity and culture. Whether you’re into contemporary art, traditional pieces, or just want to experience the town’s artistic pulse, the gallery is a testament to Port Lincoln’s vibrant arts community.

28. Port Lincoln Events

For a taste of local culture, keep an eye out for events happening in Port Lincoln. From festivals and markets to concerts and community gatherings, there’s always something going on. Check out the Port Lincoln events page for the latest happenings and immerse yourself in the town’s lively spirit.

Where To Stay In Port Lincoln

Nestled on the shores of the stunning Eyre Peninsula, Port Lincoln boasts a harmonious blend of coastal charm and modern sophistication. This picturesque town offers an array of accommodation options to complement its breathtaking landscapes. From chic boutique hotels to cozy bed and breakfasts, and family-friendly caravan parks, there’s a space in Port Lincoln to cater to every traveller’s need. As you immerse yourself in the town’s rich history, indulge in adventurous activities, or simply relax by its pristine beaches, you’ll find the perfect haven to unwind at the end of the day.

Below are some top recommendations to consider during your visit:

📍Budget Option: YHA Port Lincoln

The Port Lincoln YHA is one of my favourite hostels I have ever stayed at. The owner is super lovely and keeps the facilities absolutely spotless. The kitchen is great and has everything you need to make yourself a meal and the beds and comfortable. I found it to be a friendly and social vibe and there is a brewery right next door to have a beer with your new friends.

✅ Check prices and book your stay at Port Lincoln YHA

📍Mid-Range Option:

Port Lincoln Hotel is a boutique hotel located in the heart of Port Lincoln, a coastal city in South Australia. With stunning views of Boston Bay, the hotel offers a range of comfortable rooms and suites, as well as dining and entertainment options.

The Marina Hotel is a great option for those looking for waterfront accommodation in Port Lincoln, with comfortable rooms, stunning views, and a range of dining and entertainment options.

📍Luxury Option:

Deco Beach Luxury Apartments offer elegant seaside accommodations, blending modern amenities with art deco charm in the heart of Port Lincoln.

Visiting Port Lincoln: FAQs

Considering a trip to Port Lincoln? You’re likely brimming with questions about this renowned coastal gem. Let’s delve into some frequently asked queries to ensure your visit is as memorable as possible.

How long to stay in Port Lincoln?

A visit of 3-4 days is ideal for Port Lincoln, allowing you to explore the local beaches, national parks, and indulge in the various activities and tours. However, if you’re a nature enthusiast or looking to dive deep into local culture, consider extending your stay for a full week.

What is Port Lincoln famous for?

Port Lincoln, often regarded as the Seafood Capital of Australia, is renowned for its vibrant seafood industry, particularly the Southern Bluefin Tuna. The city hosts the annual Tunarama Festival, one of the largest and most celebrated seafood festivals in the country.

Beyond its fishing prowess, Port Lincoln is celebrated for its picturesque landscapes, ranging from the pristine beaches of the Eyre Peninsula to the rugged beauty of nearby national parks.

Adventure seekers also recognize Port Lincoln as a hotspot for shark cage diving, offering close encounters with the great white shark. The town’s maritime heritage, combined with its natural attractions, positions Port Lincoln as a premier destination for both gastronomy and outdoor pursuits.

What small towns are near Port Lincoln?

Surrounding Port Lincoln are a number of quaint towns worth exploring. Tumby Bay, Coffin Bay, and Cummins are some of the nearby gems, each with their unique charm, offering serene beaches, local art, and a taste of regional life.

Can you swim at the beach in Port Lincoln?

Absolutely. Port Lincoln offers a variety of beaches ideal for swimming. The main town beach, in particular, provides calm waters suitable for both families and individuals. Always heed local guidance and remain aware of the ocean’s natural dynamics.

Conclusion: Things To Do In Port Lincoln

Port Lincoln offers a diverse range of activities for visitors, from exploring its pristine beaches to delving into its rich local history. Whether you’re an adventurer, a nature lover, or just looking to relax, Port Lincoln has something to offer. Ensure you make the most of your trip by planning ahead and immersing yourself in the authentic experiences this coastal gem has to offer.