Spaceships Campervan Rental Australia

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Why Spaceships Campervan Rental Is The Best Way To See Australia

Best Campervan Rental Australia

Spaceships is a campervan rental company offering rentals from their 7 locations on the East Coast of Australia + Tasmania as well as New Zealand & the UK. Spaceships Campervan Rental is a great low-cost solution for seeing the best Australia has to offer. Sleeping in a campervan cuts down the cost of accommodation dramatically so this is a great option if you are on a budget.

The country of Australia is a vast and diverse landscape with so much to explore. If you are looking for an adventure, then a campervan rental in Australia might be the perfect way to do it.

Spaceships Campervan Rear Awning

What is a campervan?

A campervan is a vehicle that has been set up to sleep in. The Spaceships campervans come with a double bed, large storage compartment, cooking equipment, fridge & a rear awning to extend the bed out the rear door.

Spaceships include everything you need to be comfortable living out of your van – bedding (sheets, doona & pillows), gas burner, pots & pans, chopping board, knives, plates, bowls, cups, cutlery,10 litres of water and cleaning supplies.

Additional extras – chairs, table, mosquito net, solar shower, side awning, GPS, extra bedding, heater & roof racks.

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What’s it like to sleep in a campervan?

Surprisingly comfortable! The vehicle is not huge but the efficient use of space means there is plenty of room inside for sleeping as well as storage and cooking equipment. Cold or hot weather may affect how comfortable you are so prepare for the season.

Spaceships Campervan Rental Australia

How do I find out where I can camp?

There are many free campsites in Australia but sometimes it takes a bit of work to find one. There is not one single app or website that is the holy grail of free campsites – Sometimes you need to dig a little to find a good spot. Here are some resources for finding campsites:

  • Spaceships App – Good overview of available sites including caravan parks
  • Find A Camp – Basic site with lots of ads but you can find some gems.
  • Air Camp – Large database of campsites but the filter doesn’t work too well
  • Hip Camp – Book campsites on private property
  • National Parks – Check the national park website for the state you are in. Lots of National Parks have free or low cost sites.
  • Travel Blogs – If you google your location + free campsites you will often find helpful blogs posts with lots of ideas for the area.

Free Camping vs Paid Camping Sites

There are plenty of free camping sites to be found in Australia which is a great way to save money on the road.

The paid campsites will offer facilities like showers, laundry, kitchen & even a pool at some sites. A good strategy is to mix between paid & free campsites so you can shower & catch up on laundry along the way.

What are the different types of campervans?

Spaceships have 4 different van setups you can rent.

  • The Alpha campervan is the cheapest options. It comes with all the essentials at a great price. There are backseats in this model so you can seat up to 4 people.
  • The Beta standard campervan The Beta has a backseat, so it has belted seating for up to 4 travellers and this model can be fitted with a baby/child carseat. The Beta models also come with inbuilt USB chargers.
  • The Beta 2S premium campervan has no seats in the back so this is the ultimate setup for 1-2 people. There is lots of space in the back for storage making life on the road way more comfortable.
  • The Beta 4-berth family campervan comes with 4 seats and a pop top so this model sleeps up to 4 people – perfect for a travelling family or even for 2 people who want extra space.

Why rent from Spaceships?

Spaceships Campervans are packed with features at a budget friendly price. With no additional charges for kilometres, one way fees, additional drivers or young driver fees this is a great option for all travellers.

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Spaceships Campervan Rental Australia FAQ

What is the minimum age to hire a Spaceships Campervan?

If you’re 18 or older with a valid driver’s license, check out Spaceships – there are no fees for young drivers

Do Spaceships campervans come with unlimited kilometres?

Yes. All Spaceships rentals include unlimited kilometres!

Do Spaceships Rentals charge a one-way fee?

No. There is no additional fee for returning your campervan to a different location to pick up.

Do I have to clean the camper van before I return it?

Yes. You need to return the vehicle clean and with the same fuel as pickup. A quick stop at the servo to use the vacuum and carwash bay makes it super easy to clean up quickly.

Can I use my licence from a different country?

Australian law states if your driver’s licence or permit is not in English you must carry an official English translation or an International Drivers Licence. Always bring your original driving licence and the English translation (official + International Driving Licence) when picking up your Spaceship.

Do I need a credit card to rent from Spaceships?

No. You can book with a debit card but a security deposit needs to be taken so a credit card is a much better option so it doesn’t freeze your savings.

Enjoy your Spaceships Roadtrip!

There really is nothing like the freedom of being out on the open road! If you have any questions about Spaceships or life on the road please get in touch and I will do what I can to help!