Two people walking to end of jetty on lake at sunset
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Top Riverland Photo Locations

A guide for photographers to find the best Riverland photo locations.

The Riverland is one of South Australia’s top destinations for photographers. The Murray River winds its way through the region and creates such a variety of landscapes. Here are my top picks for Riverland photo locations for landscape & nature lovers.

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  • Boardwalk leading through the Banrock Station wetlands
  • Dreamy sunset and river view from Blanchetown Bridge
  • Purple sunset with river reflection
  • Two people walking to end of jetty on lake at sunset
  • Green river with houseboats between red cliffs & green bushland
  • Boardwalk leading to island filled with vegetation,

Where to take photos in the Riverland

The Riverland is found in South Australia 2-3 hours drive north-east of Adelaide. The region includes just over 9,000 square km of land centered around the lifeblood of South Australia, the Murray River. The major towns in the area are Renmark, Berri, Loxton, Waikerie, Barmera & Monash but there are also little towns & settlements scattered all across the region such as Paringa, Lyrup, Morgan & Cobdogla. The Riverland is a great place to visit for food, drink, water sports, river cruises and spectacular scenery. Here are my favourite places to visit to take photos and experience the amazing nature and wildlife that the river offers.

Headings Cliff

Green river leading to horizon with between red cliffs & green vegetation.
Headings Cliff Lookout

Headings Cliff has to be the best view in The Riverland! This lookout can be found near Paringa and offers panoramic views of the the mighty Murray and the vibrant red and orange cliffs that border the river. Take a walk along the cliffs but please be aware the soil is subject to erosion so stay well clear of the edge.



Banrock Station

Kangaroo turning towards camera and scratching back with claw
Kangaroo at Banrock Station
Boardwalk leading through yellow vegetation
Banrock Boardwalk

You may have heard the name before but Banrock Station has more to offer than just wine. The property is not only a vineyard but also a 1,375 hectare wetland with a lagoon and swamp vegetation. It supports several regionally or nationally threatened animals, including the Southern Bell Frog & Regent Parrot . It provides habitat seasonally for several species of migratory waterbirds & fish. The wetland circuit walk is 8km in length and features multiple hides for birdwatching.

Lake Bonney – Barmera

Lake Bonney is a large lake which is popular for holiday makers and water sport enthusiasts. On the shore of the lake is the town of Barmera. The original inhabitants were the Barmerara Meru clan of the Ngawadj people. The land was settled in 1859 with the establishment of the Overland Corner Hotel. 

Ghostly trees emerging from water with moody look & dark clouds
Ghostly trees at Pelican Point

Pelican Point is a great place for photographers to capture Lake Bonney & the ghostly trees that are partially submerged along the edges of the water. Take a tripod and play with long exposure to achieve a smoothing effect on the moving water.

Renmark Riverfront

Two masked lapwing birds in flight over river
Purple & pastel pink sunset over river with reflection.
Water hen on boardwalk close up
River with blue sky and fluffy white cloud and historical boat moored on right

There is always something to see (and photograph) along the riverfront in Renmark. You can walk along the waters edge for about 1.5km and take in the sights & sounds of the river. There are always birds around and at night you might even spot a possum in the palms in the park near Murray Avenue. The reflections on the river are gorgeous at sunset and you can enjoy it with a beer in hand at the Renmark Club who also offer accomodation.

Renmark Boardwalk

Boardwalk leading out to island with vegetation

You can find this boardwalk near the Big 4 Holiday Park in Renmark. The narrow walkway takes you out to a small island. This part of the river is sheltered and protected by reeds so you get beautiful reflections on the water especially when there are some nice clouds around. A great Riverland photo location for birdwatching & nature lovers.

Paringa Bridge

The red painted metal of the Paringa Bridge stretches across the Murray & has an interesting way of letting boats through. One section of the bridge lifts up to allow water traffic to pass underneath.

Blanchetown Bridge


The view from the Blanchetown Bridge is delightful and I can’t help but stop and have a look almost every time I drive to The Riverland. There is a place to pull in off the main road which gives spectacular views of the river below.

Seasonal Events

The almond blossoms are a spectacular sight in The Riverland and you can catch them in full bloom in July. Other seasonal events are autumn colours in April & the Renmark Rose Festival in October.

Thank you!

Thank you for checking out my list of favourite spots in the Riverland. I will continue to update as I explore more places. Please get in touch if you have ideas for other Riverland places to include.

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