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Huge range of hotels and hostels for any budget.

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The best site for booking hostels.

Great rewards program. Works best in Asia.

Saving Money

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Raiz is a great way to save for your next trip is to set automatic roundups and invest through the Raiz app. Select to Emerald portfolio for a more socially conscious investment.

Cash Rewards gives you money back on purchases you already make including groceries, clothing and travel.

ShopBack works the same way as Cash Rewards. I like to check which one has the better rate for what I’m looking to purchase.

Getting Creative

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If you are looking for stock photos, my work is available for purchase on Shutterstock. If you are a creator you can sign up to make money from your work.
Buy my photos or Sell your photos

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PixieSet is an awesome way to display your photos and send to clients. My referral link gives you an extra 250MB storage when you sign up.

Later lets you plan the perfect Instagram feed. I love efficieny and this is a real time-saver.

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