Panglao To Cebu – Ferry From Tagbilaran To Cebu

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How To Get From Panglao to Cebu By Ferry

Travelling from Panglao to Cebu in the Philippines can be a logistical challenge. While I absolutely loved my time exploring the diverse landscapes and cultures of the Philippines, moving between its stunning locations often requires careful planning and preparation. This guide aims to simplify one such journey for you – taking the ferry from Panglao to Cebu.

Alona Beach, Panglao to Cebu

How To Get From Panglao To Cebu

Panglao -> Tagbilaran -> Cebu City

The best way to get from Panglao to Cebu City is by taking the ferry from Tagbilaran City Port to Cebu City Port. If you are staying in Alona Beach or elsewhere in Panglao you will need to make your way to Tagbilaran City which is in the southeast of Bohol Island. The ferry will take you to Cebu Pier 1 which is very close to the city centre of Cebu or around 30-45 minutes to the Cebu Airport.

Book Your Ferry Ticket To Cebu

Before you start your journey the part that you want to prebook is the ferry from Tagbilaran to Cebu. All other transport is easy to buy on the day.

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Ferry Times

The ferry runs 6 times per day. The 6am time books out the quickest to book in advance if you’re wanting to go early!

Tagbilaran to Cebu

Depart – 6:00am – Arrive – 8:00am
Depart – 8:20am – Arrive – 10:20am
Depart – 10:40am – Arrive – 12:40pm
Depart – 13:00am – Arrive – 3:00pm
Depart – 3:20pm – Arrive – 5:20pm
Depart – 5:20pm – Arrive – 7:20pm

Cebu to Tagbilaran

Depart – 6:00am – Arrive – 8:00am
Depart – 8:20am – Arrive – 10:20am
Depart – 10:40am – Arrive – 12:40pm
Depart – 13:00am – Arrive – 3:00pm
Depart – 3:20pm – Arrive – 5:20pm
Depart – 5:20pm – Arrive – 7:20pm

Journey From Alona Beach, Panglao to Cebu City

Let’s go step by step through the journey: what to expect and costs.

Panglao To Tagbilaran

Alona Beach is the most popular place to stay in Panglao but there is also other accommodation throughout the island. You will need to make your way to the ferry terminal in Tagbilaran city. I tried to find out about local buses or jeepneys but there was not much available info. I did get advice to stand at a certain point on the road and wait but I wasn’t willing the take the chance when I had the ferry and flight already booked so I paid 400PHP for a tuktuk from Alona Beach to Tagbilaran.

Tuktuk from Alona Beach to Tagbilaran

Ferry From Tagbilaran to Cebu

Once you arrive at the ferry terminal there are some additional fees to pay. I didn’t realise this when I booked my ticket so was a bit annoyed to be charged extra for luggage and a port terminal free.

When you first arrive you head to this counter and pay the port terminal fee which is 30PHP.

I was travelling with two backpacks (one small and one carry on size) and I was charged an extra 100PHP for “additional luggage”.

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About The Ferry
  • Cost – $16.40 USD, 912 PHP or $25.10 AUD
  • Luggage policy: 1 x 10 kg check-in bag per passenger
  • Additional luggage: From PHP 50-100 per bag. Pay at the check-in counter.
  • Port Terminal Fee (departure only)Extra charge. Pay at the port.
  • Toilet onboard
  • Airconditioning
  • Cancellation and changes policy
  • Cancellation and changes are not possible after the tickets have been issued.

I would recommend arriving at hour before departure time to leave time to pay the fees.

Cost Breakdown – Alona Beach to Cebu Airport

Tuktuk -Alona Beach to Tagbilaran Ferry Terminal – 400PHP
Ferry Terminal Fee – 30PHP
Baggage Fee – 100PHP
Ferry – 912PHP
Taxi to airport 400/4 = 100PHP

Total = 1542PHP

Panglao to Cebu Ferry

Arriving in Cebu

The arrival is chaos. Once everyone gets off the ferry they start unloading the bags so everyone is crowding around trying to get their bag. This was the worst part of the journey!

Once you have your bag you will probably be hassled by multiple car drivers and taxis to give you a ride. If you don’t know what price you should pay they will try to overcharge you so check the price first. I paid 400PHP to the airport which was about 40 minutes drive. I met 3 other travellers so we split the cost. Don’t be afraid to talk to other people and share a ride!

If you are not confident bartering with drivers then book your ride on Grab so you know what the cost will be.

Enjoy Your Journey From Panglao to Cebu!

Good luck with your adventure! Please reach out if you have any questions about this journey or anything else I can help with.

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