Northern Colombia Travel Guide

Northern Colombia is an incredible place. The dense jungle with abundant wildlife, the pristine beaches and rivers and wonderful people make this a must-do destination in Colombia. The highlights of this area are:

Santa Marta

  • Santa Marta Rooftop View
  • La Brisa Loca Rooftop in Santa Marta
  • Street view in Santa Marta

If you are visiting this area then Santa Marta will be your entry point. If you have time to spend a few days check this guide.

Tayrona National Park

Tayrona National Park or Parque Tayrona is found on the Caribbean coast. With lush jungle, bountiful wildlife and incredibly beautiful beaches, this is a dream destination for all nature lovers. Tayrona is easily accessible from Santa Marta and is perfect for a day trip or an overnight adventure.

El Rio Hostel

El Rio Hostel is nestled in the jungle by a beautiful river just outside the township of Buritaca. With no WIFI it is the perfect place to disconnect and reconnect with new friends. Go tubing, play volleyball or just relax and enjoy a Pina Colada.


Palomino is a hidden gem along the Caribbean Coast. With pizza to rival even Italy, turquoise waters and a sleepy vibe you won’t ever want to leave this slice of paradise.


Minca is in the mountains just 30 minutes from Santa Marta. With incredible hiking, coffee and bird watching this is one spot not to miss in Northern Colombia.

Costeno Beach

This beautiful stretch of beach is home to around 10 hotels and hostels and is the perfect place to relax or party. For a place to stay you can’t go wrong with any of these:

  • Bohemia Beach Hostel
  • Los Hermanos Hostel
  • La Brisa Tranquila Hostel
  • Costeno Beach Hostel