Jacaranda Trees Adelaide

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Capturing Adelaide in Purple: A Guide to Jacaranda Trees

Hello & welcome to my Jacaranda Trees Adelaide Guide! ? November is a sight to behold in Adelaide. The streets come alive with the purple flowers of the jacaranda trees in full bloom. There are thousands of these gorgeous trees sprinkled throughout Adelaide and I have compiled a list of the most beautiful streets for you to enjoy and take photos during Adelaide’s most colourful month.

Jacaranda Trees Adelaide - Clarence Park
Caty Malo Photography Jacarandas in Clarence Park

What Is A Jacaranda Tree?

Jacaranda trees are also known as the purple queen or princess tree because of their beautiful purple flowers. They can be found in many places around the world, including South America, Africa, and Australia.

Jacaranda will most often grow to less than 8m tall, although it can reach 12–15m under ideal conditions, taking 20+ years to do so. When they aren’t in bloom, jacaranda trees have a green fern-like foliage. As jacarandas are deciduous they briefly drop their leaves in the winter but are soon bursting with colour when spring arrives.

Are jacaranda trees native to Australia?

Jacaranda trees are not native to Australia. These captivating trees with their iconic purple blooms actually originate from South America, primarily Brazil and Argentina. Despite not being indigenous to the Australian landscape, jacarandas have been widely embraced and cultivated, adding a unique, vibrant touch to various cities across the country, especially Adelaide.

Jacaranda Trees Adelaide

Where to see Jacaranda trees in Adelaide?

You can’t go far in Adelaide in November without coming across a jacaranda in bloom. The purple flowers dominate the streets; even when they fall, they look like a magical purple carpet. These suburbs are your best bet for seeing and taking photos of the jacaranda trees in Adelaide.

Suburbs A-Z

Adelaide CBD – The City

  • Wakefield St
  • Carrington St
  • Grote Street
  • Morphett Street
  • North Terrace –University of Adelaide – Bonython Hall

Blair Athol

  • Lionel Ave
  • Clifton St
  • Leslie Ave
  • Manuel Ave


  • Byron Road
  • Fairmont Avenue
  • Addison Road

Beulah Park

  • Aveland Ave

Clarence Gardens

  • Narinna Avenue
  • Chamberlain Avenue
  • Clovelly Avenue
  • Leith Avenue
  • Arthur St
  • Bideford Avenue
  • Thomas Street

Clarence Park

  • George Street
  • Thames Street
  • Churchill Avenue
  • Mills Street
Jacaranda Carrington Street
Carrington Street, Adelaide CDB
Jacaranda Trees Adelaide
Adelaide Jacaranda Trees
Adelaide Jacaranda Trees
Adelaide Jacaranda Trees
Adelaide Jacaranda Trees
Jacaranda Map Adelaide

Devon Park

  • Cavendish Avenue


  • Cleland Ave
  • Mill Street


  • Midway Road
  • Fletcher Road
  • Bellinger Rd


  • Avenue Rd
  • Main Avenue
  • Conyngham Street


  • Fullarton Rd
  • Fisher Street


  • L’Estrange St
  • Cator Street


  • Queen Street


  • Albert Street
  • Trevelyan Street


  • Hilda terrace  
  • Godden Street
  • Denning Street
Jacaranda trees in Adelaide CBD
Carrington Street
Purple streets - Shaun McCarthy Photography  - Goodwood Jacaranda
Shaun McCarthy Photography – Goodwood Jacarandas

Hyde Park

  • Hatherley Ave
  • Warwick Avenue
  • Macklin Street
  • Opey Avenue


  • Knightsbridge Rd
  • Hazelwood Avenue


  • Austral Terrace
  • Malvern Avenue
  • Marlborough St
  • Clifton Street
  • Wattle Street


  • Lanor Ave
  • Malcolm Street

Mitcham & Lower Mitcham

  • Waverly Street
  • Price Street
  • Cheviot Ave
  • Hood Street
  • The Grove

North Adelaide

  • Brougham Place
  • Le Fevre Terrace


  • Albert Street
  • Beatrice Street
  • James Street
  • York Street

Toorak Gardens

  • Grant Avenue
  • Ormond Grove


  • Emerson Grove


  • Fisher Street
  • Northumberland St
  • Burke Street


  • Rugby Street
  • Marion Street
  • Cambridge Terrace
  • Unley Rd

Unley Park

  • George Street
  • High Street
  • Victoria Avenue

Westbourne Park

  • Monmouth Street
  • Elmo Avenue
  • Watt Street
  • Newberry Avenue
  • Angus Road
  • Warwick Street
  • Constance Street
  • Sussex Terrace


  • Leslie Street W
North Adelaide, Princess Lodge
Princess Lodge, Lefevre Terrace, North Adelaide

Jacaranda Photography

The photos shown here are by myself – Alice Kuersch, Caty Malo & Shaun McCarthy. Thanks to these amazing local photographers for letting me share their work.

For more great places to take photos in Adelaide see this guide to the Top Adelaide Photography Locations.

Jacaranda FAQ

When do the jacarandas bloom in Adelaide?

The jacaranda trees are in bloom throughout the month of November.

Are jacarandas native to Australia?

No, they are native to South America – Brazil & Argentina.

Where do jacaranda trees grow in Australia?

Adelaide has many as well as Brisbane, Sydney, Perth & Melbourne & Grafton in NSW even has a jacaranda festival!

Do jacaranda trees attract birds?

Yes, an array of birds including the honeyeater are very fond of the jacaranda flowers.

Do jacaranda trees attract bees?

Yes! Bees love the purple flowers and the nectar they contain. Be careful with pets & children around the trees when they are in bloom because they may disturb a bee!

Thanks & Enjoy

I hope this guide will help you enjoy Adelaide’s most colourful month MAUVEember ? I will update this post with more photos once the season starts. Can’t wait!

If you have any suggestions to add please let me know and I will update the post. I would love to see the photos you take too so please say hi on socials or email [email protected]