Falls Creek Resort Entry & Parking 2024

Falls Creek Ski Resort is a popular destination in the Aussie winter. To visit the resort you need a resort entry permit for your vehicle. Find out everything you need to know about driving to Falls Creek and how to book your permit.

What Is Resort Entry?

To enter Falls Creek ski resort with a vehicle during the declared winter season (Friday June 7 – Sunday October 6 for 2024) you will need to purchase a resort entry permit. The permit needs to be displayed on your vehicle for the duration of your stay.

You do not need to pay for resort entry to visit Falls Creek outside of the declared winter season.

What Is Included In Resort Entry?

The cost of the permit funds many services throughout the resort:

  • Parking
  • Ski Patrol
  • Snow Clearing
  • Transport – Village Shuttle
  • Cross Country Trail Grooming
  • Information & Public Spaces (Day shelters)
  • Restroom Facilities
  • Environmental Management (Water & Sewage)
  • Waste Removal
Falls Creek Village - View of the village at sunset

How Much Is Resort Entry?

  • At the resort – $64 per day per vehicle (Single and multi-day permits will be available for purchase closer to winter)
  • Season Pass – EARLY BIRD AVAILABLE NOW – $500
  • Over 65 Season Pass – EARLY BIRD AVAILABLE NOW – $400
  • All Resorts Season Pass – (Falls Creek, Mt Buller, Mt Hotham, Mt Baw Baw, Lake Mountain & Mt Stirling) – $1078
  • School Groups – The concession rate applies at $11.00 per passenger per day for day trips (where the bus leaves the Resort at the end of each day) or $11.00 per passenger for the entire stay for overnight trips (regardless of number of nights stay). This price applies to all people on the bus, including teachers and driver.

Where Can I Buy A Resort Entry Permit?

Purchase your resort entry for Falls Creek on the Falls Creek Resort Management website.

Book Your Resort Entry Permit

Single and multi-day permits will be available for purchase closer to winter

Print your resort entry permit at home to save money and time

You can buy a permit over the counter at the ticket box at:
Howmans Gap (7am – 5pm)
The Visitor Information Centre (8am – 5pm)
ATS (Accommodation Transfer Service) Building after (5pm – 10pm & Fridays til midnight).

How Many Days Do I Need To Pay For?

You will need a permit for the day you arrive unless you arrive after 5pm, as well as for the day you leave. The new day counts from midnight so make sure to include the day you exit.

Do I Need To Print My Resort Entry Permit?

The online price is discounted because it is a self-service option. The printing of permits takes time and on busy mornings the less time you spend waiting in a line the better.

I highly encourage you to book online and find a way to print the permit but check with resort management if they are able to print it for you when you arrive.

Resort Entry Season Pass

If you are planning to spend 8 or more days at Falls Creek this winter the season pass is your best value option. The season pass will give you unlimited access to Falls Creek Alpine Resort for the 2024 declared snow season for you and your passengers. The permit is specific to the car rego and cannot be moved between vehicles unless there is a reason such as a mechanical issue and evidence may be requested.

Early Bird Pass

The cheapest option for resort entry at Falls Creek is to buy your permit ahead of time and lock in early bird pricing. 2024 permits are on sale now.

$500 Early Bird Season Permit (vehicle permit) 
$400 Falls Creek Early Bird Over 65’s (vehicle permit)

Resort Entry For Rental Cars

The resort entry permit is specific to the rego (number plate) of the car so if you are renting a car and do not have this information it is best to refrain from booking until you pick up the car. You can make a booking using UNKNOWN as the rego and call or email to get it changed before you arrive but it is more hassle than just booking once you collect the vehicle.

Car park Falls Creek - car with snow on the window and bonnet

Where Can I Park At Fall Creek?

There are multiple car parks at Falls Creek and where you can park depends on if you are staying overnight or visiting for the day.

Day Parking Falls Creek

The 3 day parking areas at Falls Creek are:

  • Gully – Near the Gully chairlift – The first car park you will see when you arrive.
  • Slalom Plaza – Near Halleys Comet chair – The main hub – this car park fills up first.
  • Windy Corner – The cross country skiing & tobogganing area – The furthermost point you can reach before the road is closed.

There will be a parking attendant directing traffic so feel free to ask where you can park.

Overnight Parking Falls Creek

If you are staying overnight you will need to be parked in overnight parking by the parking attendants. When you arrive proceed to the ATS building if you need the luggage transfer service or unload your luggage at your accom if it is accessible from the road. Once your luggage is unloaded from your car you will be parked in the overnight area. This may be lower slalom or in one of the bays (1-10) that are on the side of the road up to 4km down to Howman’s Gap. The van will accompany you to drive you back once you are parked.

Accommodation Transfer Service

As the majority of the accommodation at Falls Creek is ski in/ski out during the snow season, the village is inaccessible by car and you will need to take over-snow transport to reach your accommodation with your luggage. Some hotels like Astra & Elk provide transport for guests so check with your provider before you book.

Book your transfer online here or you can pay at the counter when you arrive.

Driving A Bus To Falls Creek

If you are coming in a bus with 12 or more people you can pay resort entry per person rather than per vehicle at the ticket box. If you are coming as a passenger on a bus service the resort entry is generally incorporated into the price of the ticket.

Does Falls Creek Close?

This season has been exceptionally busy and has led to the resort closing due to the car park totally filling up. This is a rare occurrence and so far it has only happened on weekends. You shouldn’t have a problem if you come avoid the rush and arrive early to make sure you don’t get caught out.

Pre-book online. Where possible, Falls Creek will always prioritise those who have pre-purchased Resort Entry online but booking a permit does not guarantee you a spot.

Chain Hire

During the declared winter season it is a legal requirement to carry chains. They need to be a diamond pattern (no ladder chains) and are required even for 4WD.

The last place to hire chains is in Mt Beauty. They are not available at Falls Creek so make sure you hire before you make the drive up.

Some vehicles have trouble fitting chains due to the type or tyre and low clearance. Audi, BMW & Mercedes have been known to cause problems so check with your service centre for your car if you are not sure.

Fitting Chains Falls Creek

There will be signage displayed when chains are required to be fitted on the road to Falls Creek.

Fitting to 2WD – All-wheel drive recommended
Fitting to 2WD & All-wheel drive – 4WD recommended

Depending on the snowfall, the point where you need to fit chains varies. Be prepared with gloves, a mat and the know-how of how to fit them – Youtube tutorials are great if you need to learn!

Falls Creek Resort Entry FAQ

How do you get to Falls Creek resort?

There is only one entrance during winter – The resort is a 30 – 60 minute drive from Mt Beauty depending on conditions and traffic.

Where can I hire chains for Falls Creek?

There are lots of ski rentals shops that rent chains in Mt Beauty, Bright & other surrounding towns in the valley. You cannot hire chains at Falls Creek so make sure you grab them before you drive up.

Do I need a resort entry permit for tobogganing?

Yes, every vehicle needs a permit regardless of whether you are skiing or snowboarding.

Can you sleep in your car at Falls Creek?

No camping is not permitted.

Do I need a resort entry permit for night skiing?

If you arrive after 5pm and before midnight then you can enter for free.

Do I need a resort entry permit for the day I leave?

Yes, the new day starts from midnight so you need a permit for the day you leave even if it’s early.

I’m arriving late, where do I park?

Park in the late arrival area near ATS and move your vehicle by 10:30am the following morning.

I am bringing a different car, how do I change the rego on the permit?

The permit is specific to the rego – contact [email protected] for information about changing the rego.

I booked the wrong date! How do I change it?

The permit is specific to the date booked – contact [email protected] for information about changing the date.

I am an Epic pass holder, do I get a discount on resort entry?

No, Falls Creek Resort Management is separate from Falls Creek Ski Lifts & Vail Resorts so there is no discount.

Will my resort entry permit work at Mt Hotham?

No, the permit only gives you access to Falls Creek. There is a All Resorts season pass that gives you access to all of Victoria’s declared alpine resorts – Falls Creek, Mt Buller, Mt Hotham, Mt Stirling, Mt Baw Baw and Lake Mountain for the 2024 declared snow season.

Enjoy your time at Falls Creek Ski Resort

Wishing you the best snow, sun and good times for your winter adventure. If you have any questions about Falls Creek or planning your trip please reach out or check out the below resources