Does Is Snow In Australia?

Does it snow in Australia?

Snow is not the first thing you imagine when you think of Australia but the truth is that there are some places where winter brings snowfall. Though the majority of Australia’s mainland experiences warm temperatures year-round, certain parts of the country can experience cold temperatures and occasional snowstorms.

What is Australia’s Average Climate?

Australia is typically known for hot and dry sun-filled days, but there is wide variance in the climate depending on location. The average temperature across the country ranges from 10-20 degrees Celsius (50-68 F) in winter and 22-32 degrees Celsius (72-90 F) in summer, with a majority of coastal regions experiencing mild winters. However, due to its large size, some parts of Australia experience colder temperatures and even snowfall during the winter months.

Is Snow Common in Australia?

Mt McKay at Falls Creek covered in snow with two women throwing snow in air.

Snow is not a common occurrence across all of Australia during the winter months. However, due to its large size, some parts of the country—especially those in higher elevations—experience snowfall from time to time. These regions include far inland and mountainous areas such as Tasmania, the Australian Alps, Mount Kosciuszko (the highest mountain peak in mainland Australia), and Victoria’s Alpine Region.

Where Does It Snow In Australia?

Built up of snow on lift tower at Falls Creek - Does it snow in Australia?
Mountain snow sunset at Falls Creek.

New South Wales, Victoria, and Tasmania are the states that receive substantial & regular snow during the winter months. The Adelaide Hills in South Australia occasionally get a light dusting of snow. Very rare weather events have brought snow to other parts of Australia. It snowed on the iconic Uluru in Central Australia in 1997 and snow has fallen just twice in Sydney since records began. Even tropical Queensland recorded snow in Mackay in 1965.

Do Any Parts of Australia Receive Heavy Snowfall?

Does it snow in Australia? Cars at falls creek covered in snow winter 2022.
Build up off snow curling off roof at Falls Creek.

Yes, certain parts of Australia can receive heavy snowfall in winter. The Australian Alps region is the most likely desert continent place to experience sizeable snowfalls throughout the snowy season. This area receives a yearly average of between 70 and 150 inches of snow during winter, creating a stunning winter wonderland ideal for skiing and snowboarding. Snow also falls in other mountainous regions at elevations above 6,000 feet.

Can You Go Skiing In Australia?

Yes! Australia has 10 ski resorts across 3 states that offer skiing and snowboarding. The ski resorts are open from early June to early October each winter.

Nick Payne - Skier at Ruined Castle Terrain Park Falls Creek.

Best Australian Ski Resorts

While Australia may not be able to compete with Canada, Japan & Switzerland for snowfall and terrain there is still some excellent skiing to be had in Australia. A sunny day on the Aussie slopes is something all Australians and visitors should experience. While there are 10 resorts in total the top 5 have the biggest ski area and are the most popular places to visit.


  • Location: NSW (6 hours from Sydney)
  • Elevation: 429 m (1605 m – 2034 m)
  • Skiable Terrain: 65km
  • Ski Lifts: 49


  • Location: NSW (6 hours from Sydney)
  • Elevation: 672 m (1365 m – 2037 m)
  • Skiable Terrain: 52km
  • Ski Lifts: 14
Falls Creek Village - View of the village at sunset
Falls Creek Village – View of the village at sunset

Falls Creek

  • Location: Victoria (5 hours from Melbourne)
  • Elevation: 280 m (1500 m – 1780 m)
  • Skiable Terrain: 49km
  • Ski Lifts: 16

Mt Buller

  • Location: Victoria (3 hours from Melbourne)
  • Elevation: 400 m (1380 m – 1780 m)
  • Skiable Terrain: 47.5km
  • Ski Lifts: 21

Mt Hotham

  • Location: Victoria (5 hours from Melbourne)
  • Elevation: 395 m (1450 m – 1845 m)
  • Skiable Terrain: 30km
  • Ski Lifts: 13

Enjoy the Australian Snow!

Now that you know that it snows in Australia you will have to experience it for yourself. My favourite ski resort in Australia is Falls Creek.
Learn more and start planning your trip.

Falls Creek Visitor Guide

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