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Hi, my name is Alice Kuersch and I’m a part-time traveller, photographer and blogger. I have been travelling the world (as often as I can) for almost 10 years. I visited 25 countries across Asia, Europe, North and South America and have lived in the USA, Canada, Scotland and Japan.

I left my normal life behind in search of adventure in 2011 when I did my first ski season at Perisher in New South Wales. I’ve been hooked on snowboarding ever since and have been chasing winters and good times around the world. My current go-to mountain is Falls Creek in Victoria so you will find me working and riding there in the Aussie winters.

I’m passionate about the environment, sustainability and living a compassionate lifestyle. As an animal lover, I have been vegan for 14 years. I have a zero-waste mindset and always try to make conscious choices as a consumer to support ethical brands. I’m learning every single day and I will continue to share my knowledge to help everyone live a little bit greener.

You can find my photography website and print store here if you would like to see more of my work.

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It’s not about the journey, it’s not about the destination, it’s about the passengers on the train.

Most Asked Questions
How do you manage to travel the world?

Well of course my travel plans are on hold due to Covid-19 but prior to that I took advantage of Work Holiday Visas available in other countries to be able to explore another part of the world for much longer than I could on just a vacation.

I have also volunteered at hostels along the way in Nicaragua & Colombia to be able to extend my stay without spending too much money.

Do you make money from your blog?

Not yet! I have put a lot of work into this blog with the main goal being to share helpful information. The dream is to grow this into something that can help sustain my travels a little bit longer without having to go back to a real-world job. However I won’t compromise ethics for cash, I will only ever collaborate and promote brands I believe in.

How often do you travel? Do you prefer travel alone or with friends?

I love both! There is something special about creating life long memories with your best buds but I also really love to do it alone.

The freedom of solo travel is something I believe everyone should experience. It gives you confidence like nothing else and even if you don’t start your trip with friends you will definitely finish it with some new ones.

About Partnership
Will you promote or write about my brand or product?

I am absolutely open to working with businesses. If you love the planet as much as I do please get in touch.

Your photos are great! Are you available for photography jobs?

Yes! I am currently in Adelaide, South Australia so please contact me for rates.

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