100 things to do in Japan

Japan is an incredible country with a vibrant culture and stunning natural beauty. Here is a list of some interesting and fun things to do while visiting Japan.

1 Photos at a photo booth.
These photo booths are known as Purikura and are a fun activity to do with friends and provide a cool souvenir to keep.
Step 1: Pose it up! The screen will even suggest some cute (kawaii) poses.
Step 2: Editing! Here you can “enhance” your look with bigger eyes, smooth skin, make-up or have fun with cartoons or text.
Step 3: Print! Select your faves. Make sure you cut them up and share with you friends.

2 Karaoke
Karaoke originated in Japan as has spread all over the world ever since. Karaoke bars have private rooms you can hire. If you like to drink you can choose a “Nomihoudai” package which is “All you can drink” for a certain time frame (usually 2 hours). A little liquid confidence doesn’t go astray and soon you’ll be singing “My heart will go on” better than Celine Dion herself!

3 Onsen
A visit to the onsen is the perfect way to relax after a hard days sightseeing. An onsen is a public bath filled with naturally hot water from geothermally heated springs. Hot water is channeled from the earth from active volcanic areas into outdoor or indoor pools. The water contains many minerals as has many therapeutic benefits. Typically, visitors to the onsen are not allowed to wear bathing suits so a naked bath with strangers can be a very unusual experience. It takes a little getting used to but it’s worth it to soak away those tired muscles.

4 Sit on the floor for dinner
Tatami mat

5 Drink Sake

6 Use the bidet

7 Arcade

9 Standing sushi bar

10 Hakone rope way

11 Boat ride

12 See Mt Fiji

13 Drink Japanese craft beer

14 Catch the shinkansen

15 Play darts on an electronic board

16 Play Kendama

17 Visit a Japanese garden

18 Drink chu hi

19 Nara deer

20 Ryoken bed

21 Go cycling

22 Geisha kimono hire

23 Japanese tea

24 Japanese wood working

25 Ski or snowboard

26 Sakura – Cherry blossoms

27 Origami

29 Ramen

30 Sumo Wresting

31 Samurai museum

32 Tokyo Sky Tree

33 Japanese Game Show

34 Golden Gai Bars

35 Gyoza

36 Sushi

37 Capsule hotel

38 Shrine / temple

39 Learn Japanese greetings

40 Visit the Geo Museum and learn about volcanos and hot Springs

42 Castle

43 Ninja school

44 Second street vintage clothing

45 Eat local speciality food

45 Theme park

46 Shibuya crossing

47 Udon Noodles

48 Soba Noodles

49 Visit an island

50 See a waterfall

51 Hike a mountain

52 Nomihodi

53 Learn to cook a Japanese meal

54 Japanese green pepper

56 Go to a night club

57 Robot Cafe

58 Snow Monkeys

59 Buddism/Shintoism

60 Walking tour

61 See wildlife (not animal cafes)

62 Lawsons (refuse plastic bag)

63 Theme cafe/bar

64 Make food replicas

65 Art Gallery

66 Museum

67 Mochi

68 Matcha

69 Learn about the mascot of different regions

70 Lucky Y2000 note

71 100 yen shop

72 Mega Donkey

73 Anime/Manga drawing class

74 Wear matching outfits

75 Calligraphy

76 Round 1

77 Massage

78 Pachenko

79 Catch the subway

80 Fashion shopping

81 Free tea!

82 Bridges

83 Red Eye Beer

84 Japanese Whiskey

85 Snowball Fight

86 Ice sculpture fesitval

87 Lucky charm

88 Learn your Fortune

89 Rub toes for luck

90 Suicide forest

91 Chopsticks

92 Visit the beach

93 See a geisha

94 Street food

95 Meet the locals

96 Get lost

97 Cooking class

98 Photography class

99 Mario Kart

100 Make Tofu

-Make noodles
-Woodblock printing
-Taiko drums



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